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Sheraaz is an instrumental world music band. A “Sheraaz” show will leave its audience amazed as the multi-instrumentalists swap instruments and take them on a musical journey


“SHERAAZ”‘ has its roots as far back when Herman Steyn was playing for local instrumental band sensation “DNA Strings”. It is during this time that Herman fell in love with the world music genre. In 2008 DNA Strings disbanded and Herman moved to South Korea. On Herman’s return from living abroad for two years, he contacted some old and some newer friends, like Dawie Bornman, with the aim of setting up a new instrumental band. They met up and “SHERAAZ” was the result. Dawie had to take a two year leave from the band to complete studies in Germany but he rejoined the band at the end of 2013.

In 2011  Herman worked with KG as production crew for the musical “Ester”. Herman learned that KG was a natural percussionist and asked him to join the project. In 2012 TMichael-John Anderson joined the band. Anel Truter came in January 2013 as a new bassist and guitarist and beautiful feminine flair.

In 2011 Herman worked as Assistant stage manager and choir master for the musical “Ester” at the state theatre. There he met KG who was part of the production crew. Herman learned that KG was a natural percussionist and asked him to join the project. Herman met Anel Truter whilst playing in a church band, she is currently the groups bassist.

Michael-John Anderson (drummer) joined the band in 2012

The band is constantly trying to expand their vision of music and showmanship with prospective tours to Zanzibar and the Far East.

Our Music

Instrumental world fusion band. A Sheraaz show can only be described as an exhilarating experience. The multi-instrumentalist band will have you wanting more as they take you on a journey through the musical landscapes of the world.


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